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Welcome to IVF Miracle Baby
IVF Miracle Baby is one of Asia’s leading international coordinator in providing information on infertility treatment. We specialize in providing the most advanced level of care while maintaining a commitment to a patient friendly environment.

We provide information on the very latest laboratory advances in Fertility Treatment and offer you the best opportunity to have your own children, with our service of international coordinator in IVF / ICSI treatment and Other Treatments such as Chromosome Screening  for family who are diagnose reasons to guide to your successful pregnancy in our primary focus. Let us show you how compassion and personal attention can make differences in each step to the treatment.

Information is just a click to our online enquiry away

Choosing a specialist or fertility center in a foreign country can be difficult. If you would like to learn more information in our services and options for treating infertility treatment we encourage you to explore our website or contact us through our link below.

Our International Coordinators can provide information directly and answer all your questions. We are here to answer your question under supervisor of specialist or fertility center.
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International Coordinator
Our Staff is available to:
provide additional information about our services.
facilitate communication between you and our medical team;
answer questions about the scheduling of your proposed treatment;
provide information on treatment fees: when to pay- how to pay- and what to pay;
arrange your hotel accommodation and transport in Bangkok;

Please call the below numbers for all enquiries about treatment procedures and medical questions

Chinese : (+66) 632-025-070
    (Wechat : wenlibkk)
English : (+66) 632-025-074
English : (+66) 632-025-075
English : (+66) 632-025-076
English : (+66) 632-025-077
Thai : (+66) 632-025-073
(24 hours contact by WHATSAPP)



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