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Why Thailand?
There are many reason why people travel from all over the world visit Bangkok for the treatment but words of mouth of our in our level of care while maintaining a commitment to a patient friendly environment, probably sum it up the best :

I have never experienced such personalized service, care and compassion.

We want you to be successful in your quest for a family of your own and we do everything in our position to achieve your desire. Every aspect as an international coordinator focused on achieving a positive outcome for our patients. We are proud on our personalized attention in each patient, together with medication expertise as our supervisor to help you on the treatment to achieve the successful outcome. 

Thailand is a beautiful country and a lovely place to take a holiday, there is no reason why your fertility treatment cannot also be mixed with relaxation.


Our International Coordinators  can take care of your every need and can arrange accommodation and vacation plan to ensure that your staying in Thailand is as comfortable and stress free as much as possible from the treatment. 

For many of our patient their time in Thailand has been in life changing experience that they will never forget.